The BIM method

A brief description of what it means to work with the BIM method

What is BIM

Building information Modeling (BIM) is a working method in which the information contained in a database (the 3D model) is updated during each project change and can be extracted and displayed at any time.
The building or work model is used to generate views, read and extract data and check for collisions. The project is composed of “intelligent” elements containing the geometry and information. For example, by selecting a wall it is possible to visualize how many cubic meters of material it contains, as well as its fire resistance, etc..

The main advantage is that the building or work is completed in a virtual environment even before its physical realization, solving errors, evaluating and optimizing the economic and design aspects, saving time and money.
For this reason, particularly complex buildings such as airports, stadiums and hospitals around the world have already been designed exclusively in BIM for several years.

BIM Meaning


BIM meaning Information


BIM meaning modeling


"This is not a pipe"

Just like the work of the surrealist painter René Magritte “La Trahison des images” (the transition of images) or commonly known as “this is not a pipe”, observing the plan of a building we are led to believe that the drawing itself represents the work. In reality it is just lines and backgrounds, without information, the same happens for 3D models made extruding solid to form walls and pillars. What distinguishes the BIM method from simple three-dimensional modeling is the addition of information to the elements.

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