BIM consulting

Our BIM consulting services

BIM turnkey

Companies wanting to start working with BIM must integrate the necessary BIM skills into their organization, but they must also train employees, install the required software, create standards, and prepare the necessary documentation.

BIM4A will take care of all this for you, setting up and managing the work.

BIM clash detection

Management and Coordination

We provide assistance and support during the entire course of the project, from the drafting and verification of the initial documentation, to the coordination during the design, up to the verification of the quality of the final model.

  • Definition of project BIM standards (LOD, etc…)
  • Creation and verification of documentation (EIR, BEP, etc…)
  • Carrying out project-specific BIM training
  • Guarantee the completeness of the Model
  • Project performance report
  • Collision Control (Clash Detection)


The training not only focuses on the use of BIM software, but can also be done on the BIM method and solutions to optimize the work. The training is defined, taking into account your preliminary knowledge and your needs. On request we offer specific individual information.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Check models
  • Training of the BIM method of the project members
  • Software Lessons

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